Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in Ann Arbor

with Joy Van Bael, CMT, RYT

and Markus Koch, LMT

Massage Therapy (also known as Therapeutic massage) is known for its ability to relieve tension, address body pains, and provide relaxation. However, receiving regular massage therapy provides significant benefits beyond the immediate relaxation we enjoy during the session. While massage therapy is a wonderful experience in the moment it is also a healing and energizing therapy for the body, mind, and spirit to help us manage the stresses and tensions of daily living. Regular massage increases circulation, boosts the immune system, and increases energy and resilience.

Benefits of massage therapy / therapeutic massage:

  • Provides deep relaxation
  • Soothes muscle tension and increases flexibility & range of motion
  • Relieves stress, tension & pain
  • Increases circulation
  • Supports immune system
  • Facilitates recovery from surgery and can reduce development of scar tissue
  • Effective tool for managing pain and distress of chronic health conditions

Markus Koch and Joy Van Bael are each offering services independently in the Ann Arbor Area. Joy can be reached through Homestead Healing Arts, and Markus can be reached through White Crane Therapeutics.