Deb Rhizal

Deb Rhizal


Deb Rhizal
Certified Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches, Inc 2009
Certified Childbirth Educator, Birthworks, 2005
Certified Birth Doula, DONA 2004
BA Interdisciplinary Studies, Goshen College 2001

Services Offered

Childbirth Classes

If you are looking for birth doula services please visit my personal web site, For pregnancy coachingpostpartum coaching, or birth related planning guides and articles visit Mara’s World.

Deb is an integrative wellness practitioner combining coaching and bodywork. She has two primary areas of focus: helping people create their own unique healthy life-styles, and promoting strong families. Deb also utilizes bodywork to help clients manage chronic pain, increase energy levels and manage stress.

Deb teaches childbirth classes which emphasize strong foundations for new families.

Deb’s Story

All her life Deb has enjoyed a wide diversity of people.  She has always seen the beauty within individuals, and has always enjoyed relationships across many social barriers. After undergraduate studies she was considering law school in hopes of working in a career where she would be able to impact human interest concerns. During this process a wise woman urged her to consider her nature as a “people person” and to head for a job where she would be working directly with people, hearing their stories, and caring for them face-to-face.

As most of Deb’s studies had revolved around issues and social justice concerns, this idea of caring for people one real human at a time was something new. Deb decided to become a birth doula in order to “try it out” in a way that did not require a lengthy education process. She attended her first birth as a non-clinical support person in 2003, and has accompanied over 250 couples through childbirth in the years that have followed.

When Deb first began this work it was out of an interest in women’s experiences during birth and the impact of these experiences on their wellbeing and in their lives. Overtime this grew into a great fascination with quality of life and catalysts for wellbeing and confidence. More so than a fascination with birth, Deb became fascinated with health and happiness and the personal actualization. Early life experience and the impact of family were two areas that she began to study in earnest. Personal participation, the actions and thoughts of  individuals, soon became clear as another important factor. And finally the role of support and partnership came into view as a final puzzle piece.

Deb enjoys her role in that support capacity. Through both body and mind, bodywork and coaching, she supports possibility for her clients. While she still works with childbearing families through childbirth classes and doula work (see Pregnancy Arts for more information on doula services) she came to realize that it was personal transformation and wellbeing that interested her most. In order to work with people in other stages of life she became a wellness coach, and soon thereafter realized that just as in birth both emotional and physical support were key to the support of new life in others as well.  Deb began her study of bodywork with Reiki training, and is now continuing through study of Craniocacral Therapy / Cranial Sacral techniques and Zero Balancing®.