Where is the Full-Fat Yogurt?

I recognize we have been conditioned to look at fat as the enemy.  It’s starting to drive me a bit bonkers.  I hit the grocery store today to purchase some full fat, organic Greek yogurt so I could make some homemade ranch to dip my veggies in.  OMG…I did not think it would be so difficult to find FULL FAT yogurt.  Wow.  I found ONE brand and it wasn’t organic and the container said nothing about how the animals are raised, so I didn’t buy it.  I’m baffled.  Truly.  And, so, I had to blog about it.

My nutrition buddies, I would like us to all ponder something for a moment.  How does the milk come out of the cow/goat/sheep?  It comes out WITH the fat.  It comes out of the animal with a certain ratio of carbs, fat, and protein.  The reason it has this ratio is because these elements all work synergistically together to ensure the food is most efficiently digested and assimilated. This is what makes it a whole food.  When a portion of that ratio is removed, it is no longer a whole food.  We are meant to eat whole foods.  We aren’t meant to just eat certain portions of a food.  Just like eggs.  We’re not meant to just have the white, because then we’re missing an entire component that’s meant to assist the other part in proper metabolism.  Think WHOLE, please.

Please don’t be afraid of fat.  We need it for a plethora of functions in the body.  From immunity, to hormone-building, to brain function, to skin health, to healthy weight management, fat is a necessity for our survival.  Processed, packaged, frozen, canned, fiber-stripped, high-calorie, nutrient-poor foods are the biggest nutritional culprits behind the poor health that has plagued Western society.  Again, fat from real, whole foods is something we must have in the diet for proper wellness.  Just choose wisely and, of course, all things in moderation.  Eat your whole eggs, eat your nuts and seeds, eat your olive oil, eat your avocados.

And, please, eat your full fat, organic Greek yogurt.  Many of the mainstream grocery stores will not have this.  Places like Whole Foods and your local health food store should carry full fat Greek yogurt.  Nancy’s brand is sold at most health food stores.  If you can’t find it, you can always make it.  Click here for a very simple and cost-effective recipe!

Peace, love, and good health to all,



Attachment and Lifelong Wellness

Attachment is a phenomenon that is essential to human emotional development, as well as to mental, physical and social well-being throughout the lifespan. Attachment is defined as a strong and lasting emotional connection, such as the relationship between a child and a loving parent, or the bonds that develop in long-term friendship and supportive romantic partnership. The benefits of positive attachment experiences early in life include healthy brain development, increased ability to cope with stress, resilience to trauma, and greater ease in forming and maintaining relationships throughout the lifespan. Strong early attachment relationships are also associated with lifelong cardio-vascular and immune system health.

The ability to form healthy attachment is typically developed in infancy and early childhood, through a child’s relationship with a stable, responsive and loving caregiver or caregivers. Such relationships are built and maintained though day-to-day interactions that are experienced through the senses: affirming eye contact, playful imitation of facial expressions, safe and loving touch, reassuring words, or a soothing lullabye. The routines of daily caregiving provide endless opportunities for these connective experiences, which, over time, become the foundation of lifelong physical and emotional well-being. It is this strong base of attachment that provides a child the sense of safety and emotional stability that allow her to explore his or her environment with confidence and curiosity, thus allowing for the richness of full engagement with life to unfold.

Parents do not need to be perfect in order to develop healthy attachment relationships with infants and children. There is plenty of room for parental error, tired days, and a normal range of emotions, including periodic sadness, anger and frustration. The crucial factors in attachment are safety, emotional attunement and relative consistency on the part of caregivers. When parents experience serious states of depression, isolation or anxiety, attachment can be negatively effected. Abuse and high conflict environments can also seriously impact a child’s sense of safety, thus making attachment relationships more difficult to form and sustain. Intervention and support are crucial, and often highly effective, for parents and families experiencing these challenges. Effective support and intervention can be accessed through psychotherapy, infant mental health services, social service agencies, and structured parenting groups.

While many older children and adults have not had the benefit of optimal early childhood attachment experiences, the human attachment system is resilient. Although it may not always be easy, positive attachment experiences at any stage of life can provide opportunities for greater security, resiliency and emotional flexibility to develop. Opportunities for reparative attachment experiences may be cultivated through psychotherapy, supportive friendships, affirming spiritual communities, 12-step or other support groups, relationships with pets, or time in nature. As in infancy, the most important factors in such experiences are safety, relative consistency, emotional attunement, and opportunities to experience healthy resolution of conflicts and interpersonal challenges.

Because attachment is so important to lifelong physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, Hygeia Center for Healing Arts is dedicated to providing a wide range of services that promote and support healthy attachment at all stages of life. These include psychotherapy, infant mental health services, parent-baby classes, bodywork, and therapeutic yoga groups. Please contact our office for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!