Hygeia Center for Healing Arts

Hygeia is a Greek Goddess of health and wellbeing, particularly inherent health and inter-related health in relationship with nature and community. She presents an offering of the bowl of wellness, the mysterious waters. Hygiea works in partnership with practitioner, mystery, and receiver. She is accompanied by the serpent, representing earth wisdom. Hygeia is also concerned with political/social responsibility, equality and justice.

Hygeia represents the values of the Hygeia Center for Healing Arts in Ann Arbor, Michigan in archetype and in story. We are a non-profit healing arts center providing mental and physical holistic health services, health education, and studio classes.  In partnership with the greater Ann Arbor community we have created the Phoenix Fund to enable us to extend income-based discounts to clients who cannot otherwise access our services.

Mission: Hygeia Center for Healing Arts is a community-based, feminist wellness center dedicated to empowerment through accessible and holistic integrative healthcare and health education.


  • To create an exceptional wellness center offering integrative integrative mind-body-spirit healthcare, health education, and studio classes.
  • To be a welcoming place for marginalized people such as women, children, LGBT, survivors of abuse, and those living with chronic illness.
  • To make care accessible to people of all incomes through the community-supported Phoenix Fund.

Hygeia Center for Healing Arts is supported by the generous donations of caring individuals!  Please make a contribution.

For more information on our guiding principles and organizational structure please request our Organizational Profile through the contact page.